Definition of Terms

Essence of some of the words that are used in the Magnificent Means:

  • Words are a function of remembering in the Magnificent Means.

  • Relevant philosophy: Descartes’ principles of consciousness, which state that consciousness is rooted in the development of language.

    BEING: Organic in matter principles; an actualized state of becoming.
    DENDRITIC: A network pattern found throughout nature that has a system of ways and connecting branches: i.e. trees, river and stream systems, lightening, brain cells (neurons), the circulatory and limbic systems, muscle and skin fibers.
    GREAT: A manner of magnitude. (NOT an expression of more than good.)
    MAGNITUDE: The function of Being that increases in density as it functions in worthiness.
    MAKE: The act of bringing something to a realized state of being from a recipe of established principles.
    MANNER: Symptomatic behavior caused by a system’s way of functioning.
    MEANS: This is the principle of will and way moving in unison.
    MEMBER: Part that is similar in nature to both the whole of its origin and the system within which it is a part. (A fractal geometrical connection to the whole.) Derivatives include member-ship and re-member.
    NATURE OF, THE: A set of principles inherent within a dynamic system.
    NOT BEING: Inorganic matter principle; counter to and the opposite of Being
    PRACTICE OF, THE: A conscious, ongoing effort toward the way of mastering.
    SYSTEM: A set of design principles that contain an energy resource and a feedback (two directional) principle of communication
    WAY: The word way has many meanings but its essence means “the passage through which all things come into Being.” Seek the way by understanding the use of the word in every single instance in language.
    WILL: Will is a substance that is carried through the way.  This substance contains elements of: knowledge of way, joy of doing, and a system of reward.
    WORTHINESS: The nature of becoming the over manner of its previous state of being.


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