Consciousness and the Human Brain

The brain is surrounded by consciousness and taps into consciousness in times of need for clarity and truth. The brain does not produce the mind rather the mind has produced the brain. (more…)

Consciousness supports the human brain, the brain lays its nature upon the surface of consciousness, submerging only in the death of the body.

The Ways of Being

God makes what God is in the way that God becomes.

Above seeks the path of being, below carries the path to the arena through with it changes.

The Great Creator Being

It is impossible to conceive of the Great Creator Being in its totality at once, because our small Being minds would have to inhabit the entire universe macro, micro, sub-micro levels all at once and to do so would cause an explosion within our Selves and blow us up. (more..)

Bubbles return to source

Space Time Continuum

In the galaxy system, there is a method of travel that requires no spaceship or system of vehicular movement at all. (more…)

Original Writings in Spiral Notebooks

The Hurting Heart

A heart that hurts is a broken heart. The heart that heals is a strong heart. The heart is a muscle that can be built like any other muscle; it must move to be opened over and over. If it closes down, each time it feels pain from another, it doesn’t get stronger, it gets… [Continue Reading]

Hurting Heart

The Appearance of Collapse

The appearance of collapse is an illusion in all things. Nothing ever collapses inward, it only expands outward from different dimensional directions. (more…)

Nautilus and the Appearance of Collapse

Function of the Form

Being must find its potential in the manner of form in order to experience its own nature. Form is the only way to experience the mind. The way of Being does not experience itself. It simply is itself. The mind of the body is not a function of the form; it is the function of… [Continue Reading]

The Way of the Artist

Artists place themselves on the perimeter of society and gaze at the ways and means of humans and animals and things. They then use whatever means available to describe what they see. They often experience a different world because of their proximity to it. This gives them advantages and disadvantages. This gives them torment and… [Continue Reading]

Way of the Artist